Kaleidoscopes Book 1 Ages 4-6, with Parent Guide


Full of rich, detailed, watercolor illustrations, Book 1 opens a magical world for the child just beginning on the violin. Detailed instructions assist the parent in working at home with their young child. A variety of games and learning activities make sure that practicing is enjoyable.

This version of the Parent Guide includes a book of additional steps and activities designed for children ages 4-6, which includes the Violin Movement Building Blocks. If you are an adult student or your child is a little older, you may wish to order this version of the book: Kaleidoscopes for Violin: Ages 7+.

The audio recording is an important component of the curriculum. You may opt to receive physical CD or purchase the digital version separately. 

Audio recording: Purchase on Amazon / Purchase on iTunes 
Available soon on Spotify

Families: If you need an additional copy of just the student book, this is available here: Student Book: Gift Copy.

Teachers: If you are ordering 10+ books for your studio, please use the discount code "Kaleid-classroom" to receive 5% off your entire order. 

Student Book: 32 full-color pages
Parent Guide part I: Getting Started as a Practice Parent
Parent Guide part IA: Working with Your Young Child
Parent Guide part II: Playing with the Violin & Bow


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