Kaleidoscopes Book 2


The songs in Kaleidoscopes Book 2 allow students to develop finger speed and graceful playing. The songs are short enough that the student can work on several songs at a time, mastering each one in a few weeks. These diverse, “perfectly sized” songs appeal to students’ need for uniqueness and variety, and give them a sense of momentum in their violin study.

About the VIOLA Book: The viola edition is available for teachers and students to enjoy, but it presently ships with the violin recording. The viola recording is completed and currently in the mastering stage.

The digital version of the recording is available available for streaming as well as download. Families are suggested to listen regularly to BOTH the vocal and violin volume, as the lyrics help students learn the songs by ear more easily.

Students may use these videos on YouTube to study the songs once they are learned by ear. 

The songs reflect a variety of cultures: Galway Piper and Rising of the Moon (Irish), Dobrú Noc (Slovac), Nu Ska Vi Skörda Linet and Glädjens Blomster (Swedish), Robin Adair and Golden Slumbers (English), All the Pretty Little Horses (African American), Polly Wolly Doodle and Shortnin' Bread (American South), Les Petites Marionnettes and Petit Oiseau (French), and Ein Männlein Steht im Walde (German), Boismortier Sarabande and Branle L'Official (Baroque), and many more. 

The following skills are introduced: vibrato, jump-bows, spiccato, lowered first finger, crescendo and diminuendo, spiccato, rapid 16th notes, 6-8 meter, Bb major, C major (with lowered first finger), grace notes, and 5/4 meter. 

This book can be used as a stand-alone method book for a student completing Kaleidoscopes or Suzuki Book 1, or as supplemental repertoire for beginning to intermediate students.

Browse the images (at left) for one-line excerpts of many songs in this book.

Pages: 60
Songs: 35


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