The Balanced Violinist: Technique Companion to Kaleidoscopes Book 1: Guide for parents, teachers & students


Designed for parents, teachers and students, this comprehensive, 84-page guide provides detailed instructions on every element of playing violin. Posture, bowhold, pre-playing exercises, and technical exercises are detailed with fun and engaging language, captivating activities, and beautiful photography. 

This book provides an thorough orientation for the engaged practice parent, with topics such as: 

  • The importance of daily practice and listening;
  • Creating a positive, enriching and joyful practice environment;
  • Giving your child feedback in a way that builds skill and confidence;
  • Handling "big" feelings, both inside the practice room and out;
  • Working creatively and effectively with your child's temperament; and 
The later chapters of the book establish the foundation of violin technique in a biomechanically grounded way, with high-quality photos and essential information for teachers and parents. Topics include: 

  • Setting the violin posture and left hand, and customizing the bowhold to the individual shape of the student's hand;
  • Dynamic bowhold experiences to stabilize the bowhold before applying it to the instrument;
  • Proprioceptive exercises to build body awareness for bowing and full-body posture; and
  • Kinesthetic playing experiences to help to develop nuanced control of the angle, weight application, and movement of the bow.

The Balanced Violinist is a valuable reference for the violin teacher or beginning student. Its comprehensive approach to posture and focus on kinesthetic awareness put it in a class of its own.  

About the Kaleidoscopes Method:

Kaleidoscopes synthesizes Montessori, Suzuki, and Kodály philosophies into a flexible, robust and joyful approach. Folk songs encourage singing and connect children to their cultural heritage, while movable-do solfege builds musical understanding and by-ear skill.

The method separates technique and repertoire, allowing teachers to customize the sequence to each student's pace and readiness. A guided discovery-based teaching process rewards students' curiosity and builds their passion and autonomy. 

The Kaleidoscopes recordings are available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, and other platforms. Learn more at

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Welcome to the Kaleidoscopes Violin Method. We hope you enjoy this magical musical journey!


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