Licensing fee: Kaleidoscopes Book 1


This license is intended for teachers who wish act as local distributor of Kaleidoscopes Book 1 for their own students, in the event that shipping of physical books to their geographic region is not practically feasible. As the majority of the cost of Book 1 as published is the cost of printing, this fee replaces the usual profit on each book sold. 

Each license entitles the purchaser to print ONE copy of Book 1, including student and parent books as desired, for distribution to their students. The teacher will charge the end user (student or family) within ±10% of the corresponding list price of the print edition of the book, at their discretion:

  • If just the student book is printed, the list price is here: Student Gift Copy.
  • If  the parent books are also being printed, the list price is here: Ages 4-6 | Ages 7+

For multiple books, please purchase the corresponding number of licenses.


The STUDENT BOOK is published full-color on 24-lb paper, in a 11x17 size, saddle-stapled. The cover for this book is published with glossy 80 lb. cover paper, double-sided.

The PARENT BOOKS are published with black and white interior pages, 11x17, saddle-stapled, with an 80 lb. glossy color cover. The interior pages may be printed on either 20 lb or 24 lb. paper. The cover for this book is single-sided.

Kaleidoscopes Book 1 is updated frequently. To obtain the most recent copy of Kaleidoscopes prior to each printing, please contact


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