Kaleidoscopes Book 1 Teacher Guide Set


The Teacher Guide includes:

  • An overview of the component philosophies (Montessori, Suzuki, Kodaly) as they relate to the design of the Kaleidoscopes violin curriculum
  • Guidance and insight for involving parents in their child's violin study and home practice
  • Model sequences for younger (age 4-6) and older (age 7-10) beginners
  • Choosing the correct violin size
  • Teaching points for all the songs
  • More than two dozen group class activities, including violin-playing, literacy, part-work, and kinesthetic activities

    Included in the set along with the Teacher Guide are the following (these books are also sold separately): 

    • The Balanced Violinist: Technique Companion to Kaleidoscopes Book 1: Guide for parents, teachers, and students;
    • The full-color Kaleidoscopes Book 1 student book with all the songs, and 
    • Lines & Spaces, which is the movable-do-based note-reading companion to Kaleidoscopes. 

    The audio recording is an important component of the curriculum. The digital version is purchased separately and/or is available for streaming below. You may also order your books with a physical CD. 

    Audio purchase: Purchase on Amazon / Purchase on iTunes  

    Teacher Guide: 58 pages
    The Balanced Violinist: 84 pages
    Kaleidoscopes Student Book 1: 32 full-color pages
    Lines & Spaces Book: 72 pages


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