Kaleidoscopes Book 3


Book 3 advances into more sophisticated playing and greater techniqal challenge with a wide variety of literature. Classical pieces by Bach, Brahms, Gossec, Handel, Verdi, Schumann and more include a broader palette of dynamics, articulations and stylistic elements. Lara's Theme (the famous love theme from Dr. Zhivago) introduces chromatic shifting. Vibrato is developed on familiar favorites as well as the exquisite and emotional "Blanche Comme la Neige." 

The book gradually moves toward longer (full-page and two-page) pieces with contrasting sections, second position, and greater key flexibility. Students complete their journey with a final tour de force, "The Masked Ball," by Giuseppe Verdi.

The CD for this book will be released March 31, 2019, so the current price reflects the book only

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Pages: 50
Songs: 33


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